6m stretch tile mural commission by The New Craftsmen for London Bankside Hotel's Art Yard Bar & Kitchen 
Photography courtesy of London Bankside Hotel

300 tile mural depicting the Douro region, set into a bespoke handmade dining table commissioned by Pierre Yovanovitch for Quinta Da Côrte
Photography courtesy of Jean-François Jaussaud / Luxproductions

Jungle rumble

Residential bathroom design featuring 35 bespoke tiled illustrations playing on the culture and folklore of Japan
Photography courtesy of Paul Tucker

Players set

Tarot clusters

A History of London from Dinosaurs to Present Day
650 tile mural exhibiting nationwide through House Of Illustration

A campaign and series of workshops exploring the rituals, objects and ideas that make a house a home. Exhibited at Selfridges Oxford Street in conjunction with The New Craftsmen

Adam & Eve

Counter frontage tile mural commissioned by Susie Atkinson Design
Photography courtesy of Susie Atkinson Design

Totem mural

Individually hand-painted bespoke tiles featured by Haptic Architects
Photography courtesy of Haptic Architects

Tarot singles

Woodland print onto canvas with handmade ceramic figure

Private commission reworking sections of an existing mural design to fit a restored fireplace 

Atomic kitten

Roger cat cushion

Face plates

Work in progress on site for a residential commission of a Japanese inspired bathroom design featuring 35 bespoke tiled illustrations

Angry cheetah

Tenugui testing in Japan

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