Such Stories is the collaborative design studio of illustrator and ceramicist Laura Carlin and creative director Jo Briggs. Together they work on surfaces spanning tiles to paper, wood, fabric, metals, walls, floors and doors. They met at Art College back in 1998, when over in Hollywood a big boat was scooping all the Oscars and over in Leeds, Home Counties girl Laura was too scared to talk to Jo because she hailed from the North
Now they are on speaking terms, and with a joint firm belief that art can – and should – be something that opens doors for everyone to enjoy and experience in a whole host of ways every day, Laura and Jo's current plans in progress are to renovate and tile an old building in Cornwall and create a useful honest space where people can come together to start conversations, build new connections and learn how to do all sorts of things they might find handy in life, or just have some fun doing something new with new people. There is also talk of creating a place next to it for people to stay over and make a day and night of it all (or even longer, it's pretty special there by the sea). Watch this space for updates on when we pick up a hammer
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